Paragliding, Paramotoring, Expert Instruction in Alaska, Paragliding, Paramotoring, Expert Instruction in Alaska,
Skydance offers powered  &  non-powered paragliding
Certified USHPA Instructors
20 yrs combined Experience
We are your local dealers for
Flytec / Brauniger
Trike buggies & more
We mainly rely on  word of mouth and are not happy until you are happy. 

Customer satisfaction is our goal.
We warranty all products.
It has been developed as a result of feedbacks from many pilots. 
We can match you with the gear that fits your exact needs.
Your Skydance Team
Why Paragliding?
Why powered paragliding?
What is paramotoring?
Foot launch off a mountain
Soar like a bird
Fly by the seat of your pants
New light weight materials from Porcher Marine
Ozone Dealers
Nova Dealers
Charly Dealers
Apco Gliders, harnesses, reserve backup chutes, parachutes, hand deploy
Electric powered paramotors
Top 80, Italian made paramotors
Mini-plne, trike buggy
Sky out with Skydance Paragliding
Advance USHPA Instructor and T3 tandem Instructor. 20 yrs experience. 1994 National Paragliding Champion
Frank Sihler 10 yrs dealing with motors, powered chutes, trikes, gyro planes, DK Whisper, LaMoyette
Paragliders are so sexy. 
Alaska Anchorge Wasilla Area 

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